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There are some people who might call me “The Man.” Not like the government, or your boss: those are the shitty kind of “men.” No, I’m talking about the cool guy, as in “shit, that guy is the man,” you know what I’m saying?

Actually, not that many people call me that. Maybe one or two. If you include myself. But you’re not here to read about how awesome I am. You’re here to read about how awesome my travels are, right? Well no promises. Just because I think it’s cool to ride zip-lines through the trees of northern Spain doesn’t mean you will too.

That said, if you’re actually interested in the (potentially) interesting shit I am experiencing in my efforts to see some of the world, welcome to my blog! Thanks to the fact that my father conveniently chose to be born in Spain, I have the advantage of using his home as a take-off point to anywhere in Europe. While that doesn’t help me explore the jungles of South America, it’ll cetainly let me see a bit of not easily accessed from the United States. That’s where I’m from, by the way. Specifically Miami, though I’d consider New Orleans to be a second home.

Ok, since this is only the first page I won’t get too far into what I’ve been up to so far. However I not only have some catch up to play, I have plenty more to look forward to! This week I will be traveling to Valencia, Spain, where an event called Campus Party takes place. It’s essentially a huge LAN party over the course of a week with a T-1 internet connection for everybody to enjoy. Can you say geek fantasy? After that I’ll be heading to the beaches of Malaga and then maybe swing by Toledo on the way back to Madrid (my home base).

Look forward to entertaining news soon!


Sharks making next move in Claude Lemieux comeback

Wilson said Sunday night that Lemieux a right wing once regarded as the league top agitator and most hated player will be given a two way contract Monday that would enable the Sharks to bring him to San Jose from the franchise Worcester development team where he has been playing for the past month. emphasized, however, that the evaluation process is far from complete and continued to play down the likelihood of Lemieux winding up in San Jose.

Offering Lemieux a two way contract also gives every other NHL team a chance to claim him by noon Tuesday under waiver rules. But if none does, the Sharks would be free to bring him up just as they have several rookies this season.

Lemieux won four Stanley Cups on three different teams the Montreal Canadiens, New Jersey Devils and Colorado Avalanche over the course of his 18 full seasons in the NHL. He last played for the Dallas Stars in 2002 03.

Why does Doug Wilson think the fans are stupid?

Because this is so different than anything we have ever looked at, we don’t even know when the fair time to evaluate this player is,” Wilson said.

EVERYBODY in hockey knows this is move for the end of the year and the playoffs. Stop denying or bsing everything and just say we hope he gets in shape for the playoffs and if he can he can enough with the run around.

If CL is half what he was back in the day at the very least him and JR can keep each other fresh.

Silva think you are mis reading Doug Wilson statement. He not trying to make fans think that the Sharks aren interested in bringing up Lemieux. He responding to timetable questioning. And his statement directly answers that question, at least in my opinion.

Of course management doesn know what to expect or what length of time to place on this experiment how often has a player cheap nfl jerseys of Lemieux age tried a comeback after years of retirement??? No real here.

Also, this is a move for Lemieux sake as well. Other NHL teams have the ability to claim him on waivers, so this opens the door for his comeback to continue, even if not with the Sharks.

I think C Lemieux can definitely help the Sharks if he is anywhere near where he was 5 years ago. He was a good player and an agitator at the same time, even if he was pushing 38.

The question is, what has he been doing for the last 5 years, enjoying life? In which case he may not be up to snuff physically, even if he can still agitate the heck out of everybody we not have a blogger in Woosta? I have not seen any postings talking about CL from anybody who has seen him play over there.

Oh well, it should all be revealed in due course. I am sure he is not doing this for the money he? in which case, at the moment, the Sharks should be a better bet than going to Jersey.

Maybe having a known shot artist is what this team needs. Having someone with nothing to lose like Claude to out vengeance may make some teams think twice about cheap shotting us in the playoffs. In the past few seasons teams have gotten away with it with little to no repercussions and nothing has really been done to fix that.

Shelley is an alright enforcer but isn the kind of scum type player that most teams have. So I guess the plan should be that if a team cheap shots us and if we are facing a Datsyuk or a Crosby or a Savard in the playoffs, send LeMux out there to break some knee caps. Call me crazy but I could honestly care less about one of our players performing a cheap shot on an opponent star player, because every other team could care less about our players being cheap shotted. I only care cheap wholesale jerseys about winning a Stanley Cup and if LeMux helps us win one in goonish fashion then so be it.

I a bit surprised by the excitement I don think that CL can be an impact player anymore. I think that DW wants to to have options and it does not really cost him anything to make this move. Then, if he feels that he needs some grit in the dressing room, he has a ready option. I don think that the Red Wings that we need to worry about have any thoughts or concern about CW that old news for the Wings. My major concern with CW is how much ice time vs. penalty time he have. The last time he played (5 years ago) we were in the clutch and grab dead puck era. If he plays that way today, and at 43 what are the hopes that a man never known as a speedster will be able to keep up with some of the fast kids he have to wholesale jerseys from china check, he have the Sharks a man down far to often. As for a Shelley Roneick Lemieux line again, where the speed? Who going to be the forward who gets on his horse and breaks up the odd man rush towards our end? I hope CL does well in the but I do not see this as anything else than DW keeping his options open. Sabathia Jersey, Mickey Mantle Jersey, Customized Yankees Jerseys, Antti Niemi JerseyMost ladies like high heels shoes Nike Heels For Women This new Nike Heels is very beautiful, and the Nike Dunk Heels for women have been popularized trendy. The popularity of Nike High Heels has been greatly aided by its easy customization.

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Sharks summer prospect scrimmage at SAP Center set for July 9

Allen Americans, the Sharks ECHL affiliate, win Kelly Cup

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