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I love a good set of luggage. I currently have an expensive set from the people over at that has been treating me very well. The 3 piece set I have makes my luggage more flexible (they have compartments that work well in tandem, and different pieces work well independently for different reasons), easier to identify, and generally make me look much more awesome (ie professional). This set cost well over $1,000.

Still luggage gets damaged regularly and I’m constantly looking out for new potentials. Especially since I’m starting to see some of the wheels get damaged I’ve been considering another cheaper set for some of my personal travels that take me into less luggage friendly situations. One of the most recent cases was a train trip through a part of France where we were trying to skimp on travel charges. Some of the roads in some of the smaller french villages did a serious number on my luggage, but it all survived looking good still.

So for now I’m looking around for another set. In my search I’ve decided a few things.

  • I need another set
  • I wouldn’t mind using the new “Spinner” type luggage
  • The entire set should cost me somewhere below $400

In my search I’ve come across one particular website that seems like a great option The Luggage Guy Only its highest category breaks my budget and those are the “top of the line” for brands like Diane Von Furstenberg, Anne Klein, Timberland. The Timberland ones are the only ones that interest me in that set for this purpose because of their more rugged looking exteriors if I have to go that expensive.

To sweeten the pot a little, and the thing thats making me really think about purchasing now is the stacking promotions that are running through the website. The website advertises being 65-75% off every day, but of course this is off of MSRP (top line rate that is rarely seen in the market). It has a regular 30% off code (WKENG) that you can get by just clicking here or the link above. In addition to those savings theres a few special promotions running right now that bring many of the most expensive items well into my price range.

Valentine Day’s Special running now for an extra 31% off. Use Promo Code LUVLG at check out to get it.

Either way I’ll let you guys know what I pick up when I do. Since I’m not traveling much until next year I may wait until the next set of sales.

Updated Links 10/16

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