American Airlines – Net SAAver Deals

Net SAAver is an ideal solution for anyone looking to set up last minute trips. Its designed to provide the same functionality as HotWire, and other last minute, last room availability. This means that the company itself is getting somewhat desperate to sell the seats. Many hotel companies and airlines are starting to run promotions like these, but very few are as completely comprehensive and easy to use as this one.

NetSAAver is generally being branded for their weekend promotions for the next 2 weeks. They are handled relatively similarly from what I can tell to the majority of American Airlines other promotional fares. You can earn miles off of them, but there are some limitations on the number of base miles that are Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM’s), but if you don’t travel on a regular basis to earn Elite Status anyways every year there may be little incentive for you to care. Here is a breakdown of the benefits and how to follow them.

All NetSAAver rates can be viewed online by going to and looking at the bottom left of the page.

  • NetSAAver This Weekend: Tend to be the best fares possible. Its hard to find the exact route you want, but the fares are incredibly low.
  • NetSAAver Next Weekend: Tend to be pretty close to the “This Weekend”. Depending on the season this list may be more extensive but the two seem to include most of the same routes most of the time, with a price that is about 15% higher.
  • NetSAAver – International Fares for Next Weekend: Many of the same cities in the NetSAAver Domestic lists tend to show up here, and can make for a great system for connections and making it to international connections.

Make sure you verify that you have a return ticket within your budget before booking!

Now as for following these deals if you need to, there are a few important methods and tools you’ll need to use to make this work:

  • Email: Most people’s preferred method of contact now. It is easily accessible across multiple devices. In order to use this you should have an AAdvantage number, and use it to manage your e-mail subscriptions through your account.
  • RSS Feed (RSS Reader Required): This one is ideal if your into the RSS world. These RSS feeds can provide real time information onto internet connected devices, and appropriate webpages. Many portal websites (Yahoo!, Google, and more) provide RSS readers within their platform that can be added as a widget to your homepage. In order to use the RSS Feeds go to their aggregated feed page here, and select the ones you are interested in. As a traveler you may not be interested in all of them.

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