Flights to Colombia

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My family is from Colombia, and as such I travel there regularly. For years the major options were Colombian Airlines (of which all except Avianca are bankrupt) and American Airlines. All of these, including Aces and SAM, have proven to have major inefficiencies and run high rates on their limited international flights while still not solving their cash flow problems on a broader scale. On the other hand the quality of said Airlines on their various peeks is well worth their premiums, but they never keep them for long. At the moment there are four major airlines I know that are providing flights from the US to Colombia and these are: Spirit Airlines, LAN Chile, American Airlines, and Avianca. Out of all of these the most comftable and loaded planes seem to be LAN Chile, but only fly approximately twice a week from any departure location. Avianca under its new Brazilian management was doing quite well but has fallen back into their delay ridden pattern. American's service and seats are the worst I know of and I have yet to try out Spirit Airlines. I hope this has proven helpful to anyone and your all welcome to respond to any claims I've made. Also if anyone has experience with Spirit's flights please share because I would like to get an honest opinion about them.


  • Starting earlier this year Avianca has added flights to Orlando.
  • Avianca should be updating their schedule to Orlando soon. Also I've apparently forgot to mention that JetBlue's main international hub to South America (Orlando yet again), also includes daily flights to Orlando.
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