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    This is a brand new site and it can only grow with your help. My name is Yuval Douer and I travel a lot. My family tends to emigrate every generation to a new place and as such we travel quite a bit just to see each other. I'm looking to create a community here where I can discuss my trips and hear other peoples ideas for great vacation ideas.
    A few rules I have set for myself: Affiliate/paid links will only be posted on the travel blog, and never on here. Editors blog and forum posts will often cross reference each other to reduce duplicate content, but members of the site are not committed to doing so. The blog is not ONLY for affiliate content but for content that really can be more easily organized and represented as a blog than here.
  • Hello, My name is Jigme. I travel a lot too but never talked about it. I will try to now talk about it. I started traveling as a guide. My interest first was on the sceneries and festivals and showing people places...etc. And then on due course of time and circumstances, I happened to start exploring the hidden aspects of all these things - in geography,in cultures, in peoples' lives, into mind and consciousness that make up our travel experience. The first parts were just bulk enthuciasm, the later confusion and doubts followed by hunger of meaning and then followed meanings, confidence, clarity and happiness. After several years now, I have thought to combine my experience aided by buddhist spiritual techniques to offer contemplative adventure trips to himalayas. This can be a unique experience if not a pure healing. If anyone is interested please visit my site www.secrethimalaya.com
  • Very interesting and welcome. I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner but I was actually in the Carolinas. I had to go for work but I went for a week early to meet up with some friends and get some hiking done. I had a great time. Anyways where are you from Originally? How did you start touring the Himalayas?
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    great day to you all
  • Hi!! I'm Southeast Asia, I wanna share my experience in abroad and seek for advice for my plan to go places to travel....
  • Spectacular. Where in Southeast Asia are you from? Need me to add any country/region for you?
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